Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kristofer and the buckets

Kristofer @ 7 feet ;)


Here are a couple of videos of Kristofer and his workouts. The buckets are his favorite toys at the moment, when i shot this video he had already been playing with them for 20 minutes sitting uppright like in this video. When i took him away from the buckets to change his diaper he got preety mad.

I noticed when i put all the buckets together...placing the next biggest after the other etc.. he would shake the apart untill they would all fall out of each other.

He did this tree times so i decided to shoot a video of as he did it for the fourth time.

He turns 7 months next sunday and we, and the doctors/therapists that we have met are all very excited about his progress.

His kindergarten did an evaluation on him, which we have not recived on a document, but the lady that he spends most of his time with said that his motorskills are slightly above the average 6 month old (with no disabilities) so you guys can imagine how excited we are. Few things are a little below average, including his vocal ability, which has improved alot since she did that evaluation.

He now says ; da da da da...which is not daddy in the Icelandic language but i´m still pretty happy about it :D.

He also makes a car like sound with his lips... I haven´t got it on tape but i will post it later.

Well just this single video this time as it appears to be very slow to upload.



  1. I can't believe what this super star can do! He is really doing well. God Bless! Love the video.

  2. Kristofer is adorable! I've been meaning to leave a comment. I have 2 boys..Noah almost 18 months and Logan coming up on 4 months. Logan has Down Syndrome as well. I've been very busy with the boys, but try to get on the blogspot every once and a while. I have actually been to Reykjavik for a class trip while attending a travel school! It's great to meet you and your family!!

  3. Kristofer is doing wonderful! I love the video, and I kept thinking he was chuck the bucket across the room!

  4. He seems to like the noise he can make... perhaps you have a future musician here :-)

  5. what a cute video:) thanks for sharing, he is getting so big... and still so super cute:)