Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kristofer and the buckets

Kristofer @ 7 feet ;)


Here are a couple of videos of Kristofer and his workouts. The buckets are his favorite toys at the moment, when i shot this video he had already been playing with them for 20 minutes sitting uppright like in this video. When i took him away from the buckets to change his diaper he got preety mad.

I noticed when i put all the buckets together...placing the next biggest after the other etc.. he would shake the apart untill they would all fall out of each other.

He did this tree times so i decided to shoot a video of as he did it for the fourth time.

He turns 7 months next sunday and we, and the doctors/therapists that we have met are all very excited about his progress.

His kindergarten did an evaluation on him, which we have not recived on a document, but the lady that he spends most of his time with said that his motorskills are slightly above the average 6 month old (with no disabilities) so you guys can imagine how excited we are. Few things are a little below average, including his vocal ability, which has improved alot since she did that evaluation.

He now says ; da da da da...which is not daddy in the Icelandic language but i´m still pretty happy about it :D.

He also makes a car like sound with his lips... I haven´t got it on tape but i will post it later.

Well just this single video this time as it appears to be very slow to upload.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bumbo in the tub!!

Thanks to Sara P who got this grate idea to put Max in his bumbo in the tub with his sister. Well last night I tried it with Kristófer and he loved it! He could play with his toys in the tub and sit there splashing with his feet. I love it too so we will definitely keep on doing it. Here are some pics :)

And here he is after bathtime :)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Almost sitting....or at last getting there :)

This weekend has been so nice, I would like to have more weekends during the week...maybe two :) Well we went to our infant swimming on Saturday and Kristófer just loves the water he just smiles his biggest when he goes into the pool. This weekend I also learned how to drink from a sippy cup all by himself! And he is an eater too, he just grasps the spoon and we are not quick enough for him to bring the next one! So I can’t complain about him not eating.

Here is a picture of him with his zippy

And we are practicing sitting too and he sits on his own for few minutes now :) And I love it, can’t wait till he can sit all by himself and play!!

And he loves playing with his dad :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

This little one is getting BIG!

Well this weekend we had alot of fun together. We went to our infat swimming class on Saturday morning, and then we did fun stuff at home.
Here is Kristófer playing with his new toy that his nephew gave him and he is standing on his own and he is only 6 months! And he loves this toy and all the nois that it makes......not his partents so much :)

And here is Kristófer in his walker for the first time, he even figured out how to push himself forward....but just a little, we will practice this more. Kristófer is also trying to sit on his own now and this weekend he sat all by himself for 3 minutes! So hopefully he will be sitting soon!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kristórfer the litle preschool boy!

Last week Kristófer started his first preschool day. He is only 6 months and it feel’s so strange taking him there, at first I was really nervous because he is so little and I just wanted to stay home with him for few more months, but school is back on and we have to finish these two years we have left so I don’t have a choice but to take him.

The kids in his class are from 10 months so he is the youngest. He has this great woman named Gréta that takes care of him that is specialized in children’s development and he loves her already so I don’t feel so bad anymore. He has started eating all kinds of food even bred and I feel he has grown a few months’ since he started going to preschool. His physical therapist also comes to the preschool to exercise with him so when I pick him up and we go home I can just be his mom and nothing else and that I love. Before I always felt bad that I was not training him enough or we did not do this and that….and I didn’t enjoy being his mom as much as I do now. Also they use sign language all the time, when they sing, read and when they talk to each other and I love that, Kristófer can then talk to the other children later on as they all will know the signs This school is not only for kids with special needs, but there is one other boy there who has down syndrome and he is 3 years old and hopefully him and Kristófer will become friends later on.

And another thing….before Kristófer was so sensitive about other children talking or crying that he started to scream and he would not stop until he would turn red and blue….now he’s gotten used to that cause of the other kids at his school that I can now take him everywhere without worrying that he would go bananas!

Well I just wanted to share this with you guys…..hard to let your child go so little to preschool even though I know this will only do good for him!