Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kindergarten and baby sister :)

Well now I'm almost 31 weeks in my pregnancy, time flies!! But the other day we went to 3D ultrasound to see the Little baby girl and it was amazing. I just wanted to share one picture with you guys, we saw her open her eyes and smile!

And Kristofers kindergarten teacher Greta she is always taking pictures of Kristófer doing all kind of stuff with the other kids, so here are few new pictures!! Kristófer just started to sign few signs and we are so happy with that!! His favorite is ball, duck and teddy bear and he even says the words with the signs like ba when he signs ball! and he knows how to say mom and dad and makes car sounds :)

He could sit here for hours driving the car and making car sounds!

Little messy here

Playing with the ball is favorite!

And he loves playin in the water