Monday, September 7, 2009

This little one is getting BIG!

Well this weekend we had alot of fun together. We went to our infat swimming class on Saturday morning, and then we did fun stuff at home.
Here is Kristófer playing with his new toy that his nephew gave him and he is standing on his own and he is only 6 months! And he loves this toy and all the nois that it makes......not his partents so much :)

And here is Kristófer in his walker for the first time, he even figured out how to push himself forward....but just a little, we will practice this more. Kristófer is also trying to sit on his own now and this weekend he sat all by himself for 3 minutes! So hopefully he will be sitting soon!


  1. Wow, that's awesome! He's doing so good!!

  2. Way to go Kristofer! He is doing so well. You sound like a very proud mama! As you should be.

  3. Wow he is doing so well. You should be very proud:)