Friday, July 23, 2010

Kristofer is a big brother now !!

I know it has been a while since I wrote something on here, but having two babys staying at home can be tough and some things you are going to do during the day...well you just cant get over everything.

Well on June 19th a litle perfect girl was born at Reykavík´s hostpital, she was 8.4 lbs and 20.9 inch long.
The delivery only took about 4 hours something else then last time that was over 24 hours, and it felt good that we could just go home the day after and not have to stay at the NICU. We are so happy and we cant belive that we have two babys now, because two years ago we had none.

Kirstófer is so happy with his little sister and wants to kiss her and hug her all the time (sometimes little to much) hahahaha but at last he is very nice to her and thinks she is a very exciting new member of our family.

Here are some picturse of the two of them