Saturday, January 28, 2012

My private island Hjörsey

The weather this winter and the dark days made me think of my family private island Hjörsey. There are no words that can describe this beauty of nature! We have no electricity, no tv, no bathtub or shower….just like the old days and I love it. This island is the third bigges island out side of Iceland, so its pretty big! A lot of people use to live there back in the days, but my grade grandfather bought the island later on. When I was little I use to stay there the hole summer, we would be up to at last 10 kids at the time just playing and running around the island, chasing horses and horseback ride. These past days I have been daydreaming about my island and I’m so excited to go back there this summer, so I had to share some pictures with you so you get the idea what I’m talking aboutJ Im so lucky to have this island in my family and there are not that many places left like this one, were you go back few decades and live with the nature and what was back then….
These picturse just warm me up from the cold over here!

That´s how we do it over there!

The beach, yellow sand, sun and the ice cold sea

Hildur on the beach

Kristofer was not afraid at all of the sea and would just run into the water, even though it is freezing cold!
our horses

The sunset, the most beautiful!


  1. Svo fallegt vá hlítur að vera algjör unaður að vera þarna á sumrinn. :D