Saturday, February 27, 2010

1 year old Kristofer

Hi everyone,

What a great day today. Our baby boy just turned 1 years old, time really flies, its hard to beleave a year has passed this quickly.

We started the day @ 9.30 in our regular Saturday baby swimming class and this litle guy is improving every week. For example, we have these litle plastic rings that he holds on the bottom and I hold at the top. Few weeks ago he only held for a few seconds on is own, but today i put him on the pool bank and made him grap the rings and he just jumped right in the pool while holding the rings and held on for approx 3-4 minutes. Kristofers physiotherapist tells us that his weekness is in his hand strength but his legs are very strong and have been since he was born, importantly the hand strenth is radically improving these days.

After swimming, we went home and helped mom to get ready for the first birthdayparty, ate and slept for about 3 hours ,the swimming really drains the batteries, just tells me that its utilizing every muscle in his body, he never sleeps as good as after baby swimming J

The party was great, alot of relatives and friends came over to celebrate our litle guy´s birthday. He was happy and smiling the whole time and got a pile og gifts.

Recently for the last month or so, we ´ve really been foucsing more on his training and it is really paying off. He can stand while hold/leaning forvever now and is able to push him self up to a crawling position, but needs a litle more hip strength to hold it on a slippery base. His focus is getting alot better and he is starting to be aware of many thins happinig around him. We can now show him a car and he makes an engine sound with his lips, he can do the sign for falling, ball and says mamamama...dont know if thats just something but its really cute. He drinks juice with a straw and picks up cheerios with thumb and index finger. Two teeths are up so this is all heading in the right direction :D

Last but not least he is becoming a big brother. Thelma is due on the 18th of june.

Thats it for now.

Here are some pictures



  1. Happy Birthday beautiful Kristófer - love the photos :)

  2. Happy Birthday Kristofer! He's adorable! Congrats on #2!!

  3. I can't believe he is already 1 year old!!! What a doll! Hope he has a very special first birthday.

  4. well that was a load of info!!! Congratulations to you!!!! That's wonderful news!
    and Happy First Birthday Kristofer!!! Sounds like a beautiful day. How are you feeling, Thelma? Hope you are feeling well.

  5. Congratulations! What adorable pictures! he will love having a baby sister!

  6. 人生最大的榮耀,不是永遠不敗,而是屢仆屢戰........................................

  7. happy late birthday little man!!!! i didn't get to see your last post, so super job little guy eating with a spoon!!! holly cats!!! what a big boy you are turning out to be:)