Friday, November 20, 2009

Long time no write! kristofer almosts 9 months

Well it has been a while since we wrote a blog on here. We have had the flue....the hole family and so much to do at school and finals, but I will try to be active from now on.
Two weeks ago we took Kristofer to see a photographer and the picturse are grate!! so here are few....he looks so grown only 8 months old :)


  1. like i said on facebook... he is getting so big:) i didn't get to see the first picture, it's super cute:) he is so handsome!!! im happy to hear your feeling better:)

  2. guys!!!! Goodness I thought something happened! So glad to see you are back and doing well. The pictures are beautiful!
    Don't stay away or so long!!!

  3. Those are so cute. I love his little feet sticking out on the chair!