Monday, August 17, 2009

Swimming and Diving!!

Last Saturday we just finished our last lesson in infant swimming workshop and because Kristófer loves the water and swimming so much we have decided to continue to the next advanced workshop. Here is a picture that was taking of Kristófer diving, only 5 months old :)

And after swimming he gets real hungry......

and sleeps like a baby!

I recommend infant swimming to all parents, especially if you have a baby with special needs. I see a big difference since we started going to these classes on Kristófers development. The stimulation they get from the water is really good for them and it also makes movements easier for them and of course the parents enjoy it a lot!


  1. Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. What a beautiful baby you have , Congratulations.Look at him swimming, that's amazing! I am looking forward to following along on this wonderful journey!

  2. What an awesome picture! Kristopher is absolutely adorable and I can see how wonderful all his little workouts are for him. Our dear daughter is just about the same age- she was born 2/22/90. Please stop by to visit!