Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kristofer´s Motorcycle

Thank you followers for the comments you guys posted on my fiancé´s latest blog.

I want to share a litle story about Kristofer´s babtizm/christining gift.....

In Iceland most newborns are baptized in about 2-3 months after birth. When we found out about Kristofers problem with his Aorta we and the doctors were not sure if he would be with us very long, or if that he needed a surgery....
My father was like a rock at the hospital when Kristofer was born.

He had already seen him before we new he had DS and left home to download the pictures he took of him on is PC. When he came back to the hospital after i had called him, him and the doctor took Kristofer to the NICU.

My dad advised me that it would be good for us to babtize Kristofer right away...just in case anything would happen, so Kristofer got baptized by my friends father which is a minister in our church on a saturday afternoon at he NICU.

The gift...

My father and i share a passion of motorcycle and cars. Well its my fathers fault that i have the same passion ;) but thats ok i love it.

When my dad was young he bought his first motorcycle in 1974. He was 16 then and the motorcyle was a 1974 HONDA XL 350.

Few years ago my dad was searching for the same type of a bike as a winter restoration project. And one day he did...he was on most of the time and stumbled across the same type of motorcycle he had when he was young. That bike was in Ohio....and we live in Iceland. But that was ok since he was going to the U.S. anyway to buy a new SUV for my mom.

He picked up the bike and shipped it to Iceland.
When my father found out he was going to be a grandfather he was so he made the decision to hurry up and restore the old Honda into a decent shape so he could give it to his first grandchild as a biptizim gift.

Kristofer Karl shares his middle name with his grandfather and my litle brother Jonas Karl. They all own motorcycles....but not me ;)

Here are a few pictures...

My father with the brand new bike back in 1974

Me and Kristofer on his 5 month birthday

The Karl´s together on the Honda,

Hopefully Kristofer will be able to drive his motorcycle one day....



  1. Carry on the tradition. How sweet of your Dad. He does look pretty proud sitting with Kristofer on the Honda.

  2. By the look on his face, you better hide those keys!

  3. Hi there, a new from from Iceland, how exciting. Your little man is sooo cute. Its nice to meet you.

  4. Hello, Super Swimmer! We're looking forward to seeing all the adventures you have in store! We're big fans already!!