Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hi i´m Kristofer´s father just wanted to check in my first post.

Kristofer has very good work ethic he did three workouts today. One easy one with his mum before his daily powernap at noon, second one with his physical therapist at 3 pm. And then infant swimming lessons at 6 pm with me and his mum.

He was preety exhausted after he got dressed and fell asleep right away.

I´ve played basketball most of my life and i´ve always been extremly devoted to my workouts, i can see that in Kristofer´s character right away. Plus he loves compliments...i think he gets that from me also.

Well just a few lines this time...more to come later.



  1. cute picture:) he looks like he loves the water.

  2. Welcome. It looks like he loves to swim. I think it is good to start early:)