Monday, February 1, 2010

Picturse from kristófers kindergarten

It´s been a while.....
Kristofer eating on his own.....this one loves to eat!

Thought I post some of Kristofers picturse from Kindergarten, we are so happy with this place and his personal therapist Greta she is the best and they are who took all these fun picturse for us to keep up with what he is doing during his day with them!

Kristófer on the car I guess I need to get one of thouse for his 1 year old birthday this month!

Kristófer training at the gym at his school

Painting.....and I guess he just had to taste it to!

Training - hard work


Reading a book with his friend

He loves books and mirrors


  1. Oh these pictures are precious. You are so lucky to have a school like that for him.

  2. Love the photos - it's hard to believe that boy is not even 1 years old!! So incredibly cute :*

  3. Kristofer is so adorable!! What a strong little guy. Looks like he's doing great and not even a year old yet!

  4. That school looks wonderful. Kristofer will progress quickly with help like that, what a blessing.

  5. 弱者困於環境,智者利用環境~~加油!.........................