Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My boy is getting 1 year old next month!!

Well christmas was grate and I have never ever seen so many presents!! Kristófer got around 30 present so we took all night opening them and writing down from who they wore from.

Kristófer can sit for hours playing now and I love to play with him sitting across, but now we are practicing him standing up on his own, he can stand ok....but not get up on his own though.

Kristófer with all his presents at christmas

The christmastree....

We are still swimming and we went for a christmastswimm where all the kids had ther christmashat on :)
And I cant belive that next month kristófer will turn 1 year, on february 27th :) time flyes!!


  1. I can't believe Kristofer is almost a year old either!He is doing so well! And growing beautifully. Your Christmas must have been wonderful and your tree was picture perfect.
    Love the photo with the Santa hat!

  2. wow he is sitting so great!!! thats wonderful new about him standing, i bet he'll be moving around on his own in no time:)

    thanks for posting pictures i love to see how big he is getting:) super cute one of him in the pool with a santa hat on.