Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kristófer and the Big Kids!

Few days ago Kristofer went to another class at his preschool, he is now with the big kids from age 3 to 6 years old. He had been in his old class from he was 6 months old and when his teachers told us that he was supposed to go to another class we got very nervous! But when we was him with the big kids we said to ourselves wow! he has grown so much only on couple of days. He is very popular in his class, the kids wants to sit next to him, play with him and help him and I think they think he´s real cute cause he is the youngest! But in his new class is also his friend David who has also down syndrome. Him and his sister Hildur wore at the same class but we decided to split them now so each could enjoy themselves at there own (sometimes his sisters controls everything).
Everything has been good with us and we are excited to get some sun and heat over here in Iceland!

Here are some pictures of them playing, hugging and figting!

Úlfur there cousin and Hildur playing

Kristofer and Úlfur playing soccer

Kristófer doing some yoga

upset about his sister

making up!

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