Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally walking!!!

Well me and Kiddi was talking the other day and we was always hoping for Kristofer to start walking before christmas.....that didn´t happen so we said before his two years old birthday.....but it looked like he would not make that eather.....svo we said summer. But the other day when Kristófer was playing he just stood up all by himself and did it again and again, then few days later he start walking!! We are so proud and happy for him and he is also very proud of himself, he clap´s his hands for few minutes every time he walks :) that is the cutest!

After his sister was born on june 19th he has always been very intrested in her and likes to play with her, now she is 8 month old and is standing up on her own and walking with the furniture.....I dont know if that is way Kristofer start walking or if she is so quick before him....but I guess soon they will both be walking.

on february 27th Kristófer vill turn 2 years old and we are having is b-day party on saturday.....Cars theme, so mama needs to start practicing baking and cake decorating! o boy! I will post picturse of his birthday and the big birthdayboy after the weekend!

Kristofer and Hildur Emelia, he loves his sister!
The tongue goes all they way much concentraition I guess

Finally it snowed in´s been so warm!

Kristóer and daddy making a snowman!


  1. WAY TO GO Kristofer!!!! walking what a big boy:) Happy 2nd Birthday:) love your friends in the US- sara, lilly, max and baby grey:)

  2. Great job walking Kristofer!!! And have a Happy 2nd Birthday!!